“It’s A Plastic World”

Project info

4 days Workshop
2015 - During 6th semester at UMAS
Team - Alex Tomc, Ivan Kunjašić
Mentors - Liam Healy, Pika Novak

Work featured

“Introduction to Speculative Design Practice”

The production of plastic has doubled in the last 15 years from 150 million tons to 300 million tons yearly. A lot of research has been done in recent years around BPA, a chemical found in plastic, on how it affects our hormones and our bodies, e.g. making men’s genitals smaller or woman infertile.

The government ordered a new study that has shown that BPA is actually good for our health, and they denied the other research marking it wrong. Shrinking Genetical Disorder has become a global Pandemic, affecting males all over the world, creating massive waiting lists for plastic surgery and a lot of divorced couples. How long can people struggle with the new normal, in the era of Plastic?

Another side of the media, valuable information or disinformation?! Human ignorance can also be one of the triggers of the end of the world.

The effects of plastic in nature are becoming visible inside humans and animals. While doing research, I found that recent statistics and data show a cruel reality, so cruel that it seems like it's unrealistic, even speculative.

After some research, we presented what we found and there were some interesting ideas about phenomena that might bring the world to an end. We mapped the ideas on a wall, chose which topic we want to work on and formed a team. That’s how I met Alex!

Video part

One part of the project was to create a “TV report” based on our end of the world scenario.