Project info

Duration - 5 weeks
2018 Winter - Umea Insitute of Design
Research team - Carolyn Wegner, Selvi Olgac, Geert Roumen


How to design for decolonisation?
Issue of subjectiveness in design research.


Participatory co-ceation, User research, Ethnography, Workshops

What are ethically and culturally sound approaches to indigenous research?

Kristina Sehlin MacNeil – Postdoctoral Researcher

What is ethics?
What is culture?

Who defines?
Who decides?

As researcher you don’t come somewhere to extract, basically what you put is what you will get.

Yarning – You will get as much from me as much as I will get from you. Sharing of knowledge and experiences. Prioritising relationship. Building partnership, being flexible.

In research take people seriously, not literally.