About V18

We believe in making outdoor adventures accessible to everyone, everywhere. By supplying high-quality gear, local expertise, and on-demand delivery and pickup, we make getting gear and getting outdoors easier than ever before.

No more traveling with bulky equipment. No more scrambling to borrow mismatched stuff from your friends. No more long waits at the local gear rental shop. Just step out the front door anywhere and do what you love.

My role as co-founder and designer

As the only designer, I’m leading a design of our product and strategy. I facilitated design sprints with the team, qualitative & quantitative research with customers to develop V18’s mission, features, value proposition, and later translated those into our product. I partly owned frontend development and PM.

A quick snapshots of our design and system

Snapshot of our employee's web app, and design system for inventory and order management.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

As our product has both digital and physical component, we had possibly to make quantitative analysis through data from our user engagement via the website. While comparing it in our onsite interviews or regular chat with customers while delivering orders.

Seed round ready

After successful pre-seed fouding throughout last two years, we have over 1000 happy customers using our MVP version of our product. We’re on our way to launch new sets of features that will bring v18 to a next level.

First brainstorm on our MVP
Happy customers


I love outdoors. I love our business model. I love making sustainable and affordable way to enjoy nature.

When it comes to our process, never before it was so easy to make digital products. Design plays a crucial role in creating exceptional user experience in rental service, and I love seeing and doing it in practice.